The Technology Clinic (20-21) is focused on the overall social and economic development within the Borough of Northampton, PA. The team is employing its collective expertise in assisting Victor Rodite, Community Planner, and other Borough officials and local business leaders to support initiatives and programs that stimulate the local economy. Since August 2020 we have conducted research for local project ideas as well as conducted interviews of local business owners to identify the most pressing issues related to the local business environment which will be leveraged accordingly in 2021 based on the project(s) the Borough council decides to pursue.

The team:
Teni Bakare’23, Policy Studies & International Affairs; Celeste Fieberg’22, Mechanical Engineering & German; Jelissa Kamguem’23, Chemical Engineering; Riley Larson’21, Economics; Keon Modeste’21, Organizational Studies; Nick Sama’23, International Affairs & Environmental Science; Cuong (Evan) Vu’23, Neuroscience & Computer Science

Faculty Mentors
Dan Bauer, Anthropology &Sociology, Emeritus & Tech Clinic Founder; Christopher Ruebeck, Economics

Download the mid-project report here: Prosperity-NorthamptonBorough