As a team, we seek to collaborate with members of the West Ward community, at all levels, to enhance access to socioeconomic opportunity in the neighborhood. By working in conjunction with the city, community organizations, and residents, we aspire to support the advancement of the West Ward’s developmental framework, and in doing so, strive to identify and aid both individuals and commercial businesses who are working to achieve the same goals.

The primary objectives of this Tech Clinic are as follows:
1. Develop an asset map of the West Ward
2. Identify socioeconomic drivers and opportunities within the West Ward
3. Identify tangible assets which actively contribute to the aforementioned socioeconomic incentives
4. Visually articulate our findings in a comprehensive and accessible manner to effectively indicate viable avenues of opportunity

The Team:
Ellie Aaberg’21, International Affairs and Asian Studies;
Jenny Chen’22, Mechanical Engineering and Biology;
Ansh Mishra’21, Chemical Engineering and G&L;
Kelly Mwaamba’22, Government and Law and International Affairs;
Kristen Stuedel’22, Mechanical Engineering and Math/Econ

Faculty Mentors:
Lawrence Malinconico, Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences, Director of the Tech Clinic
Melissa Starace, Assistant to the President for Board and Community Relations

Mid-year Report: Asset Mapping in the West Ward of Easton, PA

Final Report: Final Report-WestWard-Fall20

QGIS Guidebook: Guidebook

QGIS Video Tutorial Files: Link to Videos Folder

Link to download a .zip file with all the video tutorials: Zip File