Working with NGOs, local government and most importantly local residents, this Tech Clinic project is working to formulate a 5-year plan that will help empower the residents of the West Ward to develop programs for economic development within the West Ward of Easton, PA

Client: City of Easton, Greater Easton Development Partnership (GEDP)

Tech Clinic Team:

Students: Geraldine Agredo’20 (A&S), Paige Beede’20 (G&L/Psyc), Rachel Cox’21 (G&L/WGS), Luisa Gunn’21 (Asian Stud/G&L), Tergel Khatanbaatar’21 (Econ), Aidan Wood’21 (CS)

Faculty Facilitators: Gladstone Hutchinson (Economics) and Lawrence Malinconico (Geology)

Lawrence Malinconico, Director, Lafayette Technlogy Clinic

Mid-project report: WestWard2019Mid-Project

Final Report: ReinforcingAgency-Tech Clinic Final Report Dec2019