The Borough of Weatherly, Pennsylvania has secured funding to develop a walking/hiking/biking trail that will connect the Borough to the D&L Trail System along the Lehigh River. The Tech Clinic team is working with the Borough to help develop programming and trail design that makes use of Weatherly’s historical and natural landmarks as well as other nearby attractions to maximize the economic impact for the Borough.

Client: Borough of Weatherly, Pennsylvania

Tech Clinic Team:

Students: Wassim Gharbi ’19 (CS), Addie King’21 (Chemistry/Environmental Science), Sam McQuillen’19 (IA-Econ), Sarah Park’20 (Chem E), Lauren Phillips-Jackson’21 (IA/A&S), Jonathan White’20 (CS), Bingsong Zeng’20 (Math/Biochemistry)

Facilitators: Professors Dan Bauer (Emeritus -A&S), Luis Schettino (Psychology), Lawrence Malinconico (Tech Clinic Director)

Mid-project presentation: Weatherly-Mid-projectReport

Final project report: Weatherly-Final Report

Final project presentation: Weatherly Final Presentation