The Roseto Technology Clinic was a two-semester long exercise in facilitating community and economic development in the Borough of Roseto, PA. Roseto is a community that has weathered several difficult economic transitions over the years and currently faces another. The goal of the six students who participate in the Roseto Technology Clinic is to examine Roseto’s economic situation by focusing on the resources of the community and on the small, successful business of Hasker Textiles, Inc.   After two semesters of research and investigation, we were able to narrow our focus and identify several projects that we could undertake to promote economic growth in Roseto.   The first of these projects is the business assessment of Hasker Textiles, Inc. which takes a look at where the company was, where it is, and where it is going. The assessment has a narrow audience due to the confidentiality of the information.   The second project is the Northampton County Small Business Resource Manual, containing information on consulting, educational, and financial resources available to both start-up and existing small businesses in the area.   For our third project we developed a sample Marketing Kit and Home Page for use in promoting tourism to Roseto.

Students:  Susan Garner Garille ’96, Patrick Fairbank O’Meara ’97, John Richard Pineda ’96, Jennifer Letitia Smith ’96, Brenda Jean Toma ’96, Ivanna Roumenova Vladkova ’96

Faculty Facilitators: James DeVault, Nancy Mills